Library Defense

Supporting the Freedom To Read in Chicagoland

About Us

Library Defense is a grassroots coalition of educators, library workers, parents, neighbors & allies advocating for the freedom to read. Our vision is one where libraries remain affirming community spaces whose materials & programming reflect the beautiful diversity of the human experience. 

We show up peacefully & in relationship with our communities in Northern Suburban Cook County to defend inclusive, affirming materials & programming at our libraries through physical presence at board meetings, letter-writing campaigns, call-in campaigns & other actions in support of the freedom to read.

Take Action

Want to get started protecting the freedom to read in Illinois? Here are a few ways to get started: 

Support Equity-Minded School & Library Board Candidates in the Upcoming Election: Right-wing astroturf organizations are running school and library board candidates in our area. We must show up at the polls & make sure candidates that support equity, inclusion & the freedom to read, are the ones making policy decisions for our community. Sign up to volunteer with the D219 Equity Candidate's campaign here.

(NOTE: Library Defense is not affiliated with the D219 Equity Candidates, & opinions expressed on this page or by members of the Library Defense coalition do not necessarily reflect the opinions of said candidates.)